Interesting Facts about Down and Feathers

Karl Sluka feathers and down come exclusively from geese and ducks, i.e. water fowl. Nature has provided geese and ducks with a unique protection against heat loss, their plumage, in order to withstand adverse weather conditions: This plumage, by the way, consists of a horn-like substance like our hair. When it comes to plumage, one distinguishes between down and feathers.

A down is three dimensional. From a punctiform core, delicate branches storing air appear to spread out in rays. Air is a poor conductor of heat and thus a barrier to heat loss. Especially large down have a greater storage capacity. They can store more air and thus insulate better. A down weighs about 0.001 – 0.002 grams. Therefore, when you are sleeping under a down comforter you are being kept snug and warm by app. 1 million down.

What’s more, they are hygroscopic, i.e. they take up moisture and release it again to the environment in combination with a suitable shell. One speaks of moisture absorption, creating an ideal microclimate in bed.

1. Gänsefeder
2. Entenfeder
3. Gänsedaune
4. Entendaune

Advantages of Down

  • snug and warm
  • provide an ideal microclimate in bed
  • super light-weight
  • extremely compressible
  • washable
  • suitable for those with allergic reactions to dust mites
  • 100% natural
  • sustainable

    Bird Flu

    The H5N1 virus is, like all influenza viruses, surrounded by a lipid envelope (fat layer). This is destroyed by aridity or heat, with the result that the virus is no longer infectious. As feathers and down for duvets and pillows are repeatedly washed and dried at high temperatures before processing, filled bedding are guaranteed to be free of avian influenza viruses.

    “Bedding, filled with feather and down do not bring bird flu.”

    The bird flu virus died when it was at 60° Celsius. In our company all raw feathers are washed with up to 250 liters of water per kg and dried at max. 120° C.


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