High Quality Down

We have a classic feather and down factory with 1.200 m²of production area and 2.000 m²of warehouse space, equipped with state-of-the-art technology. Around 100 tons of raw feathers and down are processed every year, still leaving significant reserves in capacity. A total of 16 employees guarantee a smooth operation, from order acceptance to delivery by truck.

We offer grades of high-quality down from the traditional supply countries, like Poland, Russia, Ukraina and even from Germany. After expert and environmentally friendly processing the down and feathers are sold, either loosely filled in sacks or as covered bedding.  Furthermore, we`ve been able to increasingly gain customers in 15 countries. We have been delivering the finest down-comforters to clients in Japan for more than 30 years already.

We can seal each bag with plombes upon disposition.


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